I'll join, if I can.

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I'll join, if I can. Empty I'll join, if I can.

Post by Oletheki on Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:02 pm

In game name(s): Solidsnail mainly.
Link to player profile*:
Most played Faction: National
Hero names + Class + Level: Look on the profile?

Solidsnail - Commando - 27
Liquidsnail - Soldier - 13
T-BagSlime - Gunner - 11
SolidusSnail - Soldier - 6

Xfire: oletheking
Location: Norway
Age: 19
How did you hear of the KCA: I was in a game with someone named =KCA=Reaperz.
Why you want to join KCA: Because there are a lot of interesting people here I'd like to talk to and I'd like to belong to an active clan.


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