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    Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:40 am
    Message by Fire - your intro

    remember to tell that i made it Smile

    Eagle: He is Asian, Asian

    *Fire joins the channel, saying something*
    Eagle: Lolwut, you sounded like Met
    Fire: Yeahhhhh, I'm Met!!
    Eagle: Naahhh, Met is too awesome
    Eirik: Ye, true
    Alpha: Met is....uhmmm erhm.....ya Met.
    *Channel is rofling*

    Fire: emma stone is in this movie
    Eagle: ..Oh god what has this guy done to you

    Fire: oh yeah got Bioshock :p
    Fire: Very Happy
    Eagle: The amounts of fuck you cannot be taken by steam

    Red: Fapping is not counted as a hobby

    Eirik: Sooo Fire, tell me your story, dinner bai
    Rest of Mumble: WTF

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