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Application BFHLatexi Empty Application BFHLatexi

Post by Latexi on Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:41 am

In game name(s):BFHLatexi
Link to player profile*:
Most played Faction:National
Hero names + Class + Level: Coollatexi Mando 23| BFHLatexi Soldier 23 | Gotozilla Gunner 17
How did you hear of the KCA: I posted: im looking for clan
Why you want to join KCA:I want Have fun And play clan wars



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Application BFHLatexi Empty Re: Application BFHLatexi

Post by Redslaya on Tue Sep 06, 2011 12:43 am


feel free to make a thread in the newcomers section just telling us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you better.

i am shadowslayer84 from bfh forums, feel free to add me of bfh!

add me on xfire:Redslayer84

Application BFHLatexi 19b6g2

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