I want to join :)

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I want to join :) Empty I want to join :)

Post by Theo. on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:21 am

In game name(s): player name: jantje1994
Link to player profile*:
Most played Faction: don't understand the question, i'm sorry :s
Hero names + Class + Level:
Theofiel.: Lvl 19- Royal Commando LINK:
PistolLuve: Lvl 12- National Soldier LINK:
Cookie.?: Lvl 9- National Commando LINK:
iSnipeCamels: lvl 7: National Commando LINK:

(I know I have low lvls but I'm training them, I had an other acc but I don't liked the ratio's and names of that acc ;d so i started over)

Xfire: Yes I have xfire, My name is xwintyx
Location: Belgium
Age: 17
How did you hear of the KCA: I saw people on forum with the signatures and I was looking for a clan Surprised
Why you want to join KCA: I'm looking for a clan. rabbit


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I want to join :) Empty Re: I want to join :)

Post by gkel55 on Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:22 am

There's a lvl 20 requirement. Get your Royal commando to 20 then let us know and I'm sure you will be accepted.
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