[Application] Headcrusher110

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[Application] Headcrusher110

Post by HeadC110 on Wed May 18, 2011 1:26 am

ApplicationIn game name(s):

*Link to player profile:

Most played Faction: Headcrusher110
Hero names + Faction + Level:

Bull-pusuit Level 16
Wack-007 Level 11
Deathfire110 Level 13

Headcrusher110 Level 25
A-lock Level 16
Medalhonour Level 15

(I probably need a lvl 25 gunner/soldier to be accepted right :/ )

Xfire: graciouz
Location:Holland (Orig. Aruba)
How did you hear of the KCA: When I said, who wants me in their clan? Stealthoguy told me: ''You meet the requirements for KCA''. And I heard alot of this clan and ofc when I heard Xaelstrasza and Adean were in I went mad :O
Why you want to join KCA: Because -

1.It's an active clan.
2.It host random and funny stuff.
3.The name is epic.
4.This clan is organized.
5.The clan his name starts with the word ''Knifing''.


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Re: [Application] Headcrusher110

Post by Guest on Wed May 18, 2011 1:36 am

Adean isn't that active, so don't expect to see him.

Xael is admin, so she's rather active.

I guess Headcrusher110 is a commando, right?
If so, then you should be accepted.


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Re: [Application] Headcrusher110

Post by Stealtho on Wed May 18, 2011 1:47 am

Well yeah, he meets the requirements, for the community that is.
Just wait for a admin (Met, Ragged, Red or Xael) and you should be accepted.

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[00:52] =KCA= Eagle: u dont let me xD''

[15:41] =KCA= Eagle: Probably.''

''[23:29] =KCA= Eagle: Okey, lil <3 for u.''

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''[13:10] =KCA= HC: Sad
[13:11] =KCA= HC: I want to go homo''


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Re: [Application] Headcrusher110

Post by Xaelstrasza on Wed May 18, 2011 2:33 am

Hello, HC!

/Accepted! You may register an account and we will activate it as soon as we can.
After that, don't forget to introduce yourself in the Newcomer's thread!


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Re: [Application] Headcrusher110

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