my application

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my application

Post by stealth on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:49 pm

hi Very Happy i want to join this clan its my faveroite and i gotz skills i guess Very Happy so can i please join?


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Re: my application

Post by Poneykran:3 on Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:53 pm

Want to Join Us...Look Here First!
-Hi and welcome to our site for the one and only "Knifing Commando Army" We are an elite group of fire teams that play the game by remaining unseen and letting the enemy come out and kill themselves. We take in troop trap specialists, and crack shots, and above all men who follow orders. It's not commando-exclusive, if you have the knowledge of where to find cover, when to fire, and when to get out of there, it's completely possible for you to be accepted. This is not just for squad 1 or squad 2 etc... but for all squads and anyone who proudly shout out the name of KNIFING COMMANDO ARMY!

To join KCA simply copy the form below to a new post and fill it out with your information. Once one of our admins reviews it...they will let you know if you've been accepted. Once accepted create an account here and join of our groups on the BFH website

If you are accepted that is the point when you create your forums account, without this you can not get a link to clan you will either be sent a private message or the link will be posted as a reply to you application.

in game name(s):
main class(es) and lvl:
why you want to join KCA:

Regular members:

1.Must have a level 20 commando (either Royal or National)

2.Failing that, must have a soldier/gunner at 20+ and commando 16+.

3.Must be of a good-nature and refrain from insults and spam

4.Active on the site by logging in and posting on a regular basis

5.Willing to use Mumble, even without a microphone (Text-based chat available)

6.Must have xfire

Fill that application...

Edit: If u dont have any 20lv you sohuld see this:
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Re: my application

Post by Cyberke on Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:32 pm

What he said ^^ Razz
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Re: my application

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